What kind of music have you been listening to recently?

31 08 2011

I saw this as a “topic starter” for WordPress and definitely believe it needs some blogging.

So what have I been listening to recently?  Chant.  Gregorian Chant to be a little more precise.

Why chant?

I have been listening to chant because it touches my soul on a deep level (even if I cannot understand the words).  The music sounds “holy.”  Ok, that sounds a little cheesy, but its true.  It is the type of music used in the background for movies that take place in cathedrals.  I immediately associate it with that which is highly liturgical and spiritual.  And for that reason, I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I believe that chant presents a very authentic and ancient form of worship.  It touches my heart because it speaks to me on a soulful level.  This is an ancient form of worship that the Church developed out of liturgical and scriptural readings.  They used that as the basis of its worship.  The used it because it was repetitive and easy for simpletons to learn.

This is a form of worship all but ignored in the Protestant Church.  But, as Protestants explore the greater expanse of Christianity, they will discover that chanting is still a viable form of worship that is touching hearts and souls of millions of believers around the world (including this one).




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