31 08 2011

Every year, it is my responsibility at my church to prepare the lighting of the Advent candles.  I have enjoyed this responsibility because it is one of my opportunities to throw in a little liturgical church year into my very vanilla worship services.

I have already begun thinking about this but I am planning to do something more extreme this Advent season.

To begin, Advent is the 4 weeks prior to Christmas.  Each Sunday for four weeks a new purple candle is lit to represent more of Christ’s light coming into the darkness of winter (for northern hemisphere Christians) and it reminds us of another person or group of people who were involved in the Christmas story.

This year, I will be working with a team to create an experiential event for Advent.  I believe it will be called “Journey to the Nativity” and it will walk through the biblical story of Advent (which is quite limited truly) to help our worshipers experience the anticipation of Advent and the coming of the Christ child.  I get the privilege of working with a good, creative team to create the stations that worshipers will engage on Christ at a deeper level.
Needless to say…I’m excited about where this will lead.

We will offer this event for three or four nights in a row prior to Christmas Eve to prepare the hearts of our people for the coming Christ child.  Families will be able to worship together and as they walk in the footsteps of the shepherds and hear the angels announcing the coming of Christ.  Worshipers will be able to experience the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis as the songs sung by the ones who experienced this timechanging event.  They will smell the hay and fodder laid down for the creator of the universe.

We pray that this will be a powerful experience and I will update its progress and the event on this blog.




2 responses

30 12 2011

Very cool idea! How did it go?

3 01 2012

It was a good event. It ran for 4 nights in our gymnasium. It walked through the nativity story. It seemed to be more attractive to adults as opposed to children (at least not preschoolers) but nonetheless it was a good event.

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