Content with content

11 08 2011

Are you content with the content of your Sunday school curriculum?  Csinos branches out to what needs to be taught.  He goes beyond presenting a story to presenting theology, social issues, church history, saints, etc. being taught in Sunday school (126-7).

This is not a subject that I have ever heard discussed at a children’s conference.  The content usually referred to consists of whacky games or a simple story.  This is taking things to a whole new level.  It is expanding what kids are learning into the area of theology.  This is expanding what they are experiencing to engage in social issues.  This is taking a story and tying it into God’s story through church history.

All of this is very valuable and often overlooked in Sunday school.  So…are you content with the content?  If not, what can you add to fill in the gaping holes which could exist in your current Sunday school so that these other areas of the Christian faith are also being emphasized alongside the Bible story?

I don’t have the answers.  I’m just looking for feedback.




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