The Power of Stories

3 08 2011

Everyone knows that story telling is a key aspect of Children’s ministry.  Teachers are constantly seeking training in being better and more effective story tellers.  I believe this to be a key skill in children’s ministry as they share the story of God’s love and interaction with his people throughout history.

Csinos agrees.  “Stories can be a wonderful way of tapping into children’s inherent spirituality and helping them to have profound, creative, and unique experiences with God” (109).  He continues with, “The power of stories transcends the boundaries of spiritual styles and touches the lives of all children” (110).

This story is more than just the biblical stories although those are extremely important.  This story also includes what God is doing now.  The story that the children’s teachers or leaders can tell is where they have seen God at work in their lives and their families.  The story could be what they have done recently in service to God which helped them to experience him on a deeper level.

All of these stories are important and all of these stories can work together to develop the spiritual lives of children.  We are participants of this story because God is still at work amongst his people.  The children are also participants because God is certainly at work amongst them.

So as a leader tells his or her story, that leader must also stop and listen to the children’s story.  This mutual telling of stories will develop both spiritual lives deeper than one doing so on his or her own.




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