How to embrace the different spiritual styles…

1 08 2011

Csinos provides insight as to how to embrace the different spiritual styles in children’s ministry and to show value to each one.

For Word-Centered children:

  • They need Bible stories taught to them through lessons, devotions, and personal conversation.
  • They need teachers who will profess truths about God.
  • They need access to Sunday School classrooms and libraries.
  • They need to focus on the Bible as the central aspect of their lives.

For Emotion-Centered children:

  • They need to experience the Bible and God through unique, intimate, and personal ways.
  • They see the Bible more as a “love letter” than a storehouse of information.
  • They need music which will touch their hearts and allow them to feel the presence of God.

For Symbol-Centered children:

  • They need to be able to embrace the mystery of God and the the un-understood areas of the Bible.
  • Silence and solitude are important allowing kids their “special spots” which they can spend with God.
  • Be careful of overfull classrooms where these children can feel claustrophobic.
  • They need to have times to engage with nature as a form of prayer.
  • Allow ample space and time for prayer.

For Action-Centered children:

  • They need to express their faith through social action and social justice.
  • They will enjoy the Bible and learning about the stories, but they will want to see these stories put into action.
  • Give them opportunities to be with others who are in need and less fortunate.
  • Create service projects and international missions projects for these children to minister to the larger world.

These are a few creative ideas to help children’s ministry transition from a one size fits all approach to a specialized ministry that seeks to embrace the different spiritual styles our children have been graced with.  If you see that your children’s ministry tends to embrace one style over another, seek to create balance through some of the ideas and steps mentioned above.  This will allow all of the children in your ministry to flourish.




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