Sacred Space

22 07 2011

In the past I have touched on this subject before and completely agree!

Children in particular are sensitive to spaces that don’t speak of safety, inclusivity, hospitality, and the supernatural. They need environments that provide them with a sense of fit and touch them at a spiritual level.  It’s unfortunate, then, that many churches use inappropriate or less-than-desirable space for children.  Rather than creating sacred spaces and places in which children are included and given opportunities to experience God, some churches provide them with spaces that resemble school classrooms, playgrounds, or even offices. (25)

I have witnessed this on a regular basis and even work in a church where this tends to be true.  The challenge is how do you break that?  We can have an ideal which is to create our Sunday School classrooms into worship environments that create sacred communities.  But…most of them were designed years ago to look like elementary classrooms.  I have tried to incorporate art on the walls and creative, colorful spaces but they tend to remain looking like classrooms.

I am not a fan of the “let’s just make church fun” idea of children’s ministry.  I have been to ones that have put in playland like slides and things.  Ya its fun and entertaining, but are the children experiencing God or are they just occupied?  Csinos reveals his cards a little bit because he is more sensitive to the symbolic and sacred than other people (probably related to his Catholic roots).  Regardless, I do agree that children at church need to encounter the sacred in their classrooms and not just entertainment or sheer boredom from the walls and the rooms.




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