Children’s Ministry That Fits

19 07 2011

Today I finished reading David Csinos’ book Children’s Ministry That Fits.  This was a very intriguing book as it takes you along the research he did in children’s spirituality with thirteen children.  I have much to pour over in order to process all that this book possesses.

In this post, I’ll attempt to process his key points while returning to these key points later on in order to further develop some of his thoughts.

The premise of this book is that all children’s ministry tries to fit and minister in the same ways.  This is the “one size fits all” approach that he believes is failing kids.  Csinos is convinced that each person has a spiritual style unique to them in which they interact with God with.  He believes that these spiritual styles fall into four categories.  He classifies these as: word-centered, emotion-centered, symbol-centered, and action-centered.

Initially as I was reading through this, I was curious if he was rehashing learning styles.  That doesn’t seem to be the case, although it could be related.  At one time in the book, he does approach the concept of learning styles and shows that spiritual styles are not necessarily the same.

The concept of spiritual styles is certainly new for me (and probably everyone else too).  Although people have understood that different people do interact with God in different ways, these ways had not been classified as he does in this book.  I really appreciated that.  It opened my eyes to see that different people do interact with God in different ways and these different ways must be embraced (something not readily done in our current church structures).  Csinos concludes his book by acknowledging that a lot more research is necessary to continue to develop kids spiritually (I agree).

I’ll try to blog more tomorrow about this book and one of the spiritual styles he write about.




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