Super Week

31 01 2011

This is the “holy week” of football!  The entire season reaches its culmination with Sunday.  Yes the past week did have the Pro Bowl, yippee, but this is the week that it is all about.

This is the NFL’s Easter, Passover, Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, etc. all rolled into one.

And it is clearly evident.  The Super Bowl is the biggest stage, it has the two best teams (in theory), it has the most expensive commercials.  It is the culmination of a season (or a lifetime) of hard work.

So how does this relate to children’s ministry?  I know that we have different “high holy” days throughout the year but would it be possible that we should be working toward a Super Bowl Sunday each Sunday we are with the kids?  The time we have them should be the most important that we can have.

So what do we do to put on the best Sunday we can have each Sunday?  What do we do to have a Super Bowl experience with our kids each week?  I know that that sounds like a lot of work.  Even the mighty NFL doesn’t pull out all of the stops each week.  No, but we serve one much greater than the might NFL.  We need to live each day in anticipation of Sunday (just like Super Week) and then do all we can to pull out all the stops for Super Bowl Sunday of church each Sunday!




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31 01 2011
Chris Erdman

Hey, finally found your site. Nice!

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