“Dumb it down”

5 01 2011

I was struck with an interesting thought this morning.  We talk about our approaches to Scripture.  Do we take Scripture at face value, do we “dumb it down,” or do we be true to the Scriptures without “dumbing it down?”

The reason why this struck me is because I am reminded of who the original audiences of these texts were.  They were farmers, former prostitutes, former tax collectors, and fisherman.  They spoke (not read) koine Greek which was the common Greek of the day.

These were not educated men and women.  These were not people who could understand advanced theological concepts.  And yet, that is what “impresses” some Christians today.

Perhaps we need to return to our roots of “dumbing down” the texts so that all of our common lay folk can understand the concepts that God has spoken to us.  Perhaps we need to stop impressing our congregants with our knowledge of Greek and Hebrew and instead share messages relevant to their lives with easily applicable messages.  God is moving amongst the common and uneducated folks again (just like he was thousands of years ago).




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