Serving our neighbors

3 12 2010

It amazes me how the concept of serving our neighbors is still relatively “new” in mainstream Protestant churches.  Its not that hard and yet it is completely “profound” for a lot of believers.

My church has been in its community for 40 years.  It has existed next door to a public school during that entire time.  Only for the past few years have we made any efforts to love on them and care for them.  And God is blessing these efforts.

The church is growing (not necessarily from the community, but growing nonetheless).  But more importantly than that, the church people are looking for ways to go across a street and begin loving our neighbors.  They are going across the fence and begin sharing Jesus’ love with our neighbors.

One of the greatest examples happened this morning.  In a couple of weeks we will have a lunch for 4 families at the school who probably won’t get Christmas this year.  One child of the family was even recently diagnosed with cancer.  The father is out of work and they are in desparate need.  And the school (the PUBLIC/GOVERNMENT SPONSERED SCHOOL!) has contacted us, a church, to pray for them and to provide Christmas for them!  Oh what an opportunity to serve and love our neighbors.

I am very excited to see God at work in this neighborhood!  He is doing awesome stuff!




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