Excellent blog

8 11 2010

There is an excellent blog going on at kidmin360.com entitled the Future of Children’s Ministry.

Here’s a couple excerpts…

The data in unChristian suggests that young parents are less likely to bring their children to church for fear of their children becoming morally bigoted. Children’s ministries need to continue teaching God’s standards but do an equally good job of showing children and their parents how to serve, love, and enjoy all people.  –  Larry Shallenberger

What the future of children’s ministry needs most for success is a return to an emphasis on the study of and teaching of the Word of God, and less on making ministry easy for volunteers, attractive to families and processing large groups of children through fun environments. That hasn’t produced disciples who will walk with Jesus for life. The future doesn’t need more technology – it needs deeper and better relationships. If technology can foster more connectivity or methods of relating, fantastic!  But too often we look to the future as though it has some new thing we need for success, when the truth is we already have everything we need.  –  Karl Bastian

The new leader/children’s pastor will be the one who will harness the use of technology but will customize that technology to take on an interactive role for all those involved. I believe that even though technology will continue to be a great tool in the hands of all of us, we will see boys and girls want a person-to-person experience that will help take what they are being taught to a level where they are experiencing it.  –  Todd McKeever

It is interesting that two of the comments have dealt directly with technology.  One embraces it as a teaching tool, the other warns about it being used only to foster relationships.

Regardless, this is an excellent resource!




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