Will it blend?

6 10 2010

There is a fun website called www.willitblend.com.  They blend everything and usually everything blends.

This morning for breakfast, I wasn’t in the mood for my normal cereal so I opted for a smoothie.  You throw all of these wonderful fruits, yogurts, and milks into the blender…and…blend!  At that point these individual flavors blend together to become this wonderful new concoction of fruity goodness.  It is tasty and extremely healthy (although a lot of sugar).

I was thinking about this in relationship to the church.  Do our events “blend”?  Will it even blend if we wanted it to?  I happened to read about intergenerational ministry Ivy’s book this morning and this is adding to my musings.  Are we seeking with an extra effort to blend our programs?

Over the past few years there has been much written about church “silos”.  These are individualized programs at a church with individualized pastors/leaders for each ministry area.  This model of church has been HEAVILY adopted by the evangelical church.  And so it leads me to wonder…when was the last time that ministries sought to blend their programs together instead of being so individualized.  Instead of having a ministry area and a committee for each program, why not bring ages and people together to encourage blending.

When we blend in ministry we end up with a new concoction of ministry that has a new flavor but is so good for us.  I believe that God has called us to blend and yet we aren’t listening.  God has a huge blender in heaven and he is gathering people from every tongue and nation in order to gather all of those flavors to himself.

So will your ministry blend with others?  Are you working to do so?  Are you working harder at blending different people groups together than at trying to make each ministry area specialized and differentiated?  This is a vastly different form of ministry that isn’t really taking off yet.  You could be a pioneer.  So…Will it blend?




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