30 09 2010

A riddle I once heard said.  :Say my name, and I am gone.  ‘Silence.'”

Continuing in Ivy’s new book,

I think one of the important things about practicing meditation, and teaching our kids to practice meditation, is that it has to be done in quiet.  We live in a very noisy world, and our kids are rarely quiet or in quiet.  It’s important to hear God’s voice and reflect on it in noisy environments.  I think there are some adults out there who don’t think kids can or want to “do” silence.  Well, they can do silence, and enjoy it when it is offered to them. (107)

This stance on meditation and silence stands in stark contrast of mainstream children’s ministry.  Mainstream children’s ministry says that leaders need to show kids high energy, high entertainment, and high fun at all events.  As good as those things are, they do not allow for opportunities for quiet spiritual development which happens between the child and Christ.  They add to the noise which fills kids’ lives instead of helping to get rid of the noise.

Only in the silent places do children have the opportunity to listen for God.  Only in the quiet times do kids hear the voice of God speaking to them.  He speaks to them through his word and influencing their thoughts.  Children can be powerfully impacted through the spiritual discipline of silence.  And yes, they can sit still, in silence, to listen to the Lord.

Unfortunately, many children’s pastors are serving in contexts that do not embrace the spiritual disciplines and particularly the practice of silence.  God wants to speak to us, but we crowd him out with our busy, noisy lives.  This practice is a great opportunity for children to recenter their lives around Christ and instead of filling their lives with busy noise, they fill it with peaceful silence found in Christ.




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