Entering the story

20 09 2010

Beckwith writes,

The Bible is full of stories about people trying to figure out who God is and what God is all about.  It’s a sacred text full of stories of people struggling to be in right relationship to God.  It is a book bursting with divine-human encounters and stories, stories that inform our stories and interact with them in meaningful and transformative ways.  To treat it as just another how-to book about morla living is to deny it its supernatural power and deny our children the opportunity to enter into the richness and beauty of the ancient text.” (37-38, emphasis hers)

In this short passage, Ivy is seeking to have the reader expand their understanding of the Bible beyond just a book of moral stories.  She maintains that it is still a book full of stories but its what these stories are about.  These stories are human’s interactions with God and God’s interactions with humans.  This stories are inspirational and transformative.  They are not just moral lessons but true interactions.

When we teach, we must teach the children through the story.  Get them inside the story.  Get the kids to experience the story and experience God.  The interactions and reflections on living the story will alter their understanding of the Bible.  They will begin to see how the Bible is a living and breathing entity which they can interact with in powerful ways.

Of course this style of teaching is far from easy.  But God doesn’t call us to easy.  He calls us to make a difference in the world.  These kids can be doing the same when they have the chance to interact with a living, breathing Scripture which will change their lives.  Their interactions with that Scripture will also result in their interactions with God.




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