“I didn’t finish the lesson…”

16 09 2010

In Beckwith’s book, she writes,

I’ve had volunteer Sunday school teachers as me if it’s okay that they didn’t make it to the lesson application a particular Sunday.  My answer has always been that it is probably a positive thing if they didn’t make it to the end of the line, to the application, because that meant that something of the story had so captured the children’s minds and spirits that they wanted to spend all their time talking about that.” (28)

I completely agree with this principle.  I have instructed teachers in the past that finishing the lesson is not the goal.  Developing relationships and developing the kids’ faith is always the goal.  We are working to build up these kids through the formative stories of Scripture.  Just working through the lesson in order to “get to the point” is certainly not the goal.  Or at least the highest goal.

Don’t think that this means that we shouldn’t be seeking to apply Scripture.  We definitely need to apply the Scriptures and the stories and seek God’s truth that we are relaying to the children.  But, as Beckwith writes, if a story captures the students and they want to discuss it for significant time that is good.  The stories in the Bible should be engaging the kids in dynamic ways.  Engage the students with God’s word and get them talking.




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19 09 2010

i agree 🙂

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