“Everything changed.”

8 09 2010

Continuing in Ortberg…

The next day I went to the ocean, took my shoes off, started to run, and invited Jesus to come along.  I found the strangest thing.  When I thought I was supposed to be talking to him, I found it effortful and difficult.  Now that all I had to do was invite him, I couldn’t stop thinking about him.  My mind kept reflecting on his being with me.  I found myself wanting to point out the pelicans and the waves to him.  People and concerns would pop into my mind, and I would find myself telling Jesus about them.

Everything changed. (176, emphasis his)

This is an interesting story he told.  He talks about how difficult his prayer life was before.  But when he got out into nature with a sole purpose to speak to God and be with him, he couldn’t stop enjoying God.  He was carrying on a conversation with God instead of forcing himself to pray.  Certainly, “Everything changed.”

There is much to learn here.  We all need to learn how to live in the moment with God.  We all need to escape to nature to be able to carry on a conversation with him instead of trying to carve out 15 minutes of our busy lives to “fit God in.”  This is how everything changes.  We need to set our conversations with God at a priority and trust in him to be communicating back with us.  Enjoy being with God.  Don’t be afraid to point out the pelicans and the waves of life.  Of course, God sees them already but he wants you to point them out to observe how he has created them for you to enjoy.

Families need to take the opportunity to engage their kids in conversations with God.  They need to find ways to tell God about their day and everything going on in the lives.  Kids can relate to God on a personal level in this capacity.  Families will be developing the spiritual lives of each family member when they see prayer as a conversation with their creator/friend.  I’d suspect that most everyone needs to “change everything” just like Ortberg did.




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