What is the future of Children’s Ministry?

7 09 2010

In this blog, it can be easy to be ethereal without any practical ministry.  I want to look at what is the future of children’s ministry in a practical capacity.

This morning, while surfing the net, I found multi-site kids.  Although, multi-site is popular, I am not convinced it is the future.  I think that great things can happen through multi-site ministry.  I also think that there are great dangers which are being overlooked in the hoopla.  I have read The Multi-Site Revolution and although found it to be intriguing, I think that it does have some holes (I’ll try blogging about that in the future).

But what is the future of Children’s Ministry?

This is an excellent question with a thousand different answers.  Whenever I want to know what the future holds, I tend to look to the past.  WAY TO THE PAST!  Go back one thousand and two thousand years to determine what God was doing and what he will keep on doing.

Of course there was no Children’s Ministry one thousand and two thousand years ago.  Or was there?  Jesus emphasized time and time again with his people about the importance of ministering to the children and the forgotten amongst them.  At the time of Christ, children were basically forgotten and ignored in that society.  They held no value and basically no rights.  But Jesus worked to change that as he worked to change so much.

So what does that mean that in relationship to children’s ministry today?  I think that churches must continue to focus on the forgotten and neglected.  Churches must continue to move forward with seeing what God is doing among people who are not central to the Christian world’s thought.

Another thing that I think will happen, is more churches will move to engage their kids in the world and seek to provide greater opportunities for children to lead in service.  Letting children serve other children.  Letting children have the opportunities to do what adults do in service.  This is something kids will be craving as they continue to grow in their faith.  In the first-century you saw new believers released into the world to change the world.  I think that you’ll see a return to that in children’s ministry in the future.

So what do you think will happen?  What will the future of children’s ministry hold?

We have come a long way from flannel boards (still working on that one).  We have ventured into the world of video and high-entertaining worship services for kids (still not sure about that).  I think that kids want authentic believing leaders who they can follow and then work alongside with in service of their fellow kids and community so that they can make a difference to those immediately around them.  I believe that is the PAST of the church and will be the FUTURE of children’s ministry.




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