Getting Filled Up

3 09 2010

Another great quotes from The Me I Want to Be.  “God desires to fill you with life, and you cannot get filled up when you are engaged too much in an activity that drains you” (54).  In relationship to children, I ask what programs or activities are we doing that are draining kids so that they do not have the opportunity to be filled by God and his spirit?  I know that some parents overwork and over commit their kids.  They want them involved in dance, Sunday School, Awana, Boy Scouts, soccer, football, piano, etc. etc.  Notice I included two church activities in that.  Church activities in and of themselves aren’t bad.  But when church activities drain children and prevent God for filling them with his spirit, they are not meeting their purpose.

Instead of adding to the activity, why not step back? Step back from all of this busyness and allow for a night where families and kids work to develop their spirits together.  Give up an activity and teach kids the value of spiritual development and getting filled up with God instead of filling our lives up with busyness.




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