Get out of the way of God.

31 08 2010

A while ago I read The Me I want to Be by John Ortberg.

In it, he writes,

“But as God grows you, he wants to use you in his plan to redeem his world, and you find him changing your experiences.  Your flourishing self works out of a richness and a desire to contribute.  You live with a sense of calling.  How much money you make does not matter as much as doing what you love and what creates value.  You become resilient in suffering.  You get better.  You grow.” (18)

I love this idea that God is growing and developing us.  He has someone he wants us to be and to become.  When thinking about children’s ministry, we like to think about how we are growing kids or even Growing Kids God’s Way.  Truly, God is growing them himself.  He is developing each one into what he wants each one to be and become.  We are along for the ride, he is the one at work.

Let’s get out of the way of God and let him actively grow our kids and make them into the kids he wants them to be.




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