24 08 2010

Recently, I completed It by Craig Groeschel.  It was a good book, very thought provoking, and definitely worth looking at as church leaders.  It is getting a lot of steam behind it, and I can see why.  Here’s some quotes for you…please respond.

The cover of Craig Groeschel's book "It."

When a church has it, creativity flows.  Everyone comes up with ideas.  When a ministry doesn’t have it, they simply follow the same formula they used the year before.  People are bored, uninspired, and complacent. (29)

Further on he writes,

Focused ministries often wake up and discover that God is doing something special in their midst — they have it.  They’re almost obnoxiously passionate about a few important things.  Their passion and effectiveness attract the right leaders.  The right leaders use their gifts and give their lives to make a difference.  And God blesses them with it — his mysteriously awesome presence, power, and peace. (54)

Another wonderful quote which I completely agree with,

The it-ish understand: failure is part of success. (114)

When writing about sharing it, he writes,

Think of what believers could do if we partnered together.  Instead of being jealous, territorial, or easily threatened, what if we became dangerously generous with our resources, ideas, and ministries? (148)

In order to determine just what it is, he defines it on page 31 as:

  1. Passion for his presence.
  2. A deep craving to reach the lost.
  3. Sincere integrity.
  4. Spirit-filled faith.
  5. Down-to-earth humility.
  6. Brokenness.

Each of these quotes are just a sampling of what one would find in this book.  God has been using it to touch hearts and lives around the world.  Christians need to listen to Groschel’s message.  Stop bickering and start obeying God and he will bless them with it. True life change in a neighborhood and community will happen then.




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