Creation vs. Evolution

23 08 2010

The Creation vs. Evolution debate is very popular amongst some churches (certainly not all).  I saw this on a blog I really like, CMBuzz.

I continue to struggle with what I believe.  I believe that God “created” the world because my Bible tells me so.  But what exactly does that mean?  Does that mean that I am forced into a box and I must believe that the biblical account in Genesis 1 is scientifically proven fact?  No, I don’t think so.  Does that mean that the biblical account in Genesis 2 is scientific fact?  No, I don’t think so.

I certainly do not believe that the biblical authors had any intentions to write scientific text books.  I believe that they were writing theological treatises on who their God is and what their God did.  Is it possible that God did create everything in existence in the timeframe depicted in Scripture?  Absolutely!  I do not put my God in a box.  The struggle I have is that science does not seem to support the same account.  If God did create everything we have in the time frame depicted in Scripture and the youthful earth that creationist tend to credit earth with, then modern, respectable science and research does not seem to support this.

Does that mean that we do not understand the facts correctly?  Possible.

Does that mean that God created the world in “mid-form” to make it appear much older than it truly is (much like Adam being created an adult instead of a baby)?  Possible, but seems to be a deceptive God.

No, definitive answers will ever arise.  Collectively, churches will never agree.  But, is that important?  No.  I do not think so.  I think that Christians can happily coexist without feeling it necessary to fight over how God created the world instead of believing that God created the world.  Believing in a God big enough and powerful enough to create all of existence is pretty cool!  That is the kind of God that is attractive and appealing to people around the world.




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