Pastor as Baseball Player/Manager

18 08 2010

I long time ago, I posted about a pastor as a head coach on a football team.  The head coach oversees coordinators and players.  The head coach is ultimately responsible, and the head coach is the one calling the plays.

This morning, I began to think of this in a new light.  I began to think of a pastor as a Baseball Player/Manager.  At times throughout baseball history, a baseball team has asked a player to both play and manage the game.  Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.  But regardless, I like the model.

I like seeing the pastor of a church as simultaneously playing the game while helping to manage the team to where they need to go.  A baseball manager coaches from the sidelines while calling out defensive and offensive schemes.  However, the manager (at least in the big leagues) does not call specific pitches.  He trusts his pitcher to deliver the right pitch at the right moment for the right situation.I’d hope that pastors see their ministry in a same capacity.  The pastor should be helping to guide the team to where they need to go (ultimately serving Christ).  While the pastor should be a player alongside the other players, the pastor also is the manager who has a vision of where things are headed over the course of the “game.”  The pastor/manager trusts the players which he or she has put in place and trusts that they will make the right decisions at the right times with enough coaching.




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